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Pharmacy Data Archiving

Data Archiving

Pharmacy Data Archiving Solutions

Pharmacy data archiving solutions are applications that can be leveraged by pharmacies of all sizes from individual pharmacies to large chains and health systems to house legacy data for long term storage and retrieval purposes in order to meet HIPAA compliance and state and federal regulatory requirements. Pharmacy data archives can be used by pharmacies to continually access excess data that was not migrated to a new system to increase storage capacity on the new system.

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Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Archiving For Over 33 Years

Keep your legacy pharmacy data secure and accessible with Two Point’s pharmacy data archiving solutions.


Pharmacy Data Archiving Challenges

The archiving of legacy data has many potential challenges including:

  • Access – After a particular system stops being used in production, institutional knowledge of the system fades over time. This can make it difficult to grant application-level access to an outside vendor or complicate the user testing process. Also, granting network-level access to legacy systems can be challenging, particularly in the case of a system at a satellite or ancillary location.
  • Capability – Older systems use technologies that are out of date and it can sometimes be hard to find an outside vendor with the capability to archive the data from them.
  • Stability – Older systems sometimes become unstable, which is one of the reasons why systems should be archived as soon as possible after they are out of production use.


Needless to say, picking an archiving partner with the knowledge and experience to guide an organization through this process is critical.


Quality assurance with each pharmacy data archiving project


Access your data for as long as you need it with Two Point archiving


Pharmacy Data Archiving Benefits

Pharmacies can benefit from data archiving solutions in a variety of ways. Pharmacices can leverage the benefits of data archiving for financial, compliance, or regulatory needs. Archiving legacy systems allows pharmacies to maximize their productivity while decreasing costs and increasing storage capacity. Pharmacies data archiving solutions can be viewed as a form of consolidated pharmacy data warehouse, and has the potential benefits to increase business intelligence. 

Clients Questions

Pharmacy Data Archiving Questions

Over the last 33+ years, Two Point has had to the opportunity to work with hundreds of pharmacies on data archiving projects, which has resulted in acquiring some frequently asked questions.

Numerous reports can be generated from the ACERT™ application. Including but not limited to Patient Tax Audits, Prescription Hardcopy Images, Pickup Signatures, Insurance Group Store Audit Reports, Subscriber and Patient Subpoena reports, etc. Most reports can be produced in either PDF or tab delimited format. 

Our Process

How We Work

Given the often complex nature of implementing a pharmacy data archiving solution, it is important to have a solid plan in place to ensure success. That is why Two Point’s data archiving strategy incorporates the following phases:


Two Point will work with the pharmacy to understand the use of the current system and to understand the data, images and documents that will need to be brought across to the archive as well as ongoing reporting needs.

Archive Set Up

Following a quality check on the pharmacy data files, our Two Point special projects team will begin the build out of the archive server for the installation process.

Data & Image Process

Data, images and documents are processed into the archive database. Images are then linked to the corresponding data points (patients, Rxs, dispensing).

Validating & Testing

Our Two Point team will work with the pharmacy to ensure all data is validated and any discrepancies are addressed prior to project completion. Once the data has been validated the archive is then complete.

Why Two Point For Data Archiving Solutions?

Flexible Deployment

Our ACERT™ archives are operating system, database, and browser “agnostic,” and can be implemented in a variety of ways, from bare metal to virtual, on premise to cloud-hosted. 


ACERT™ allows you to consolidate disparate legacy pharmacy systems into a single, lightweight and easily scalable archive. systems. 

Archiving Necessities

Why Does Your Pharmacy Need Data Archiving?

Pharmacies may request data archiving for a number of reasons. Pharmacies looking to decrease their expenditures, improve data security compliance, and analyze their pharmacy data will be interested in data archiving solutions. 

Our pharmacy data migration clients who are upgrading their pharmacy software to a new system will leverage our data archiving solutions to minimize the amount of data they choose to take across to the new system. Oftentimes, vendors will only allow a limited range of data to be brought across, therefore, creating the necessity for an archiving solution. 

Pharmacies who are in the process of closing may also need to establish a data archiving solution to maintain compliance of their records to help meet state regulations and/or HIPAA guidelines for maintaining records for a certain number of years. 

Our Proprietary Software

Pharmacy Data Archive ACERT™

Two Point’s proprietary ACERT™ software is the industry leading pharmacy archive with installations in major chains, specialty pharmacies, and single store independents across North America. Data archiving allows pharmacies the ability to lighten their backlog of data migrated to their new system, while maintaining regulatory compliance by storing as many as ten years or more of back data, documents, and images in order to fulfill any audit or state board requirements.

ACERT™ for pharmacy provides pharmacies with:

Our Pharmacy History

Pharmacy Data Archiving Expertise

From individual pharmacies to large chains, Two Point has archived hundreds of pharmacy software systems. Because our core competencies are the ability to extract discrete and no-discrete data and images. We help you get the data your compliance and user teams require.

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