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Isn't Data Just Data?

Data Management Solution Customers

While the overall idea of data may seem the same to our data management solution customers, the way the data is migrated, archived, and mined can vastly differ based on the vertical and software. Pharmacy and healthcare have various underlying data models requiring different processing methodologies that cannot be treated the same across those verticals, which is why we have individualized processes for the data segments we serve.

Healthcare Systems

We have experience with all the major EMR systems and dozens of department level software systems.

Pharmacy Systems

Two Point has worked with over 100 software systems over the past 30+ years.

Hospitals to Health Systems

Healthcare Systems

We offer complex healthcare data management solutions for all departments beyond pharmacy.

Individual to Chain Pharmacies


Our pharmacy data management proprietary software is second to none, offering all your pharmacy data needs.

Flexible Data Management Solutions

Solutions Designed To Meet Your Needs

Allow us to guide you through your data management solution issues to find the best options to meet your data needs.

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