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Pharmacy Data Migration

Pharmacy Data Migration Solutions

What Is Pharmacy Data Migration?

Pharmacy data migration is the process of extracting, translating and loading pharmacy data from the retiring legacy system to the new pharmacy system.

Pharmacy data must be extracted, processed, validated, and output into a format acceptable to the new vendor prior to go-live in order to have a successful pharmacy data migration.

Two Point will work with the pharmacy software vendor to obtain data specs to ensure the data is converted into the appropriate format for the information to be accepted into the new application.

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Pharmacy Data Migration Solutions

Find The Data Solution For Your Organization

Two Point’s data migration specialists bring years of experience to every conversion. We ensure an accurate, fast, flexible, reliable, and secure conversion process for all types of systems.


What Are Pharmacy Data Migration Challenges?

The data migration process for a pharmacy is not an easy one. There are always challenges to overcome and we work hard at making sure these hurdles don’t get in your way of success!

The quality of data in your pharmacy’s software system can be poor–or filled with field work-arounds–which is why we analyze the information before migrating it to prevent loading bad data into the new system. We are able to parse and move data from the wrong field to the right field in the new system. 

When implementing new software systems, it is crucial to ensure that the data being processed has been validated by all parties (conversion vendor, new system vendor, and the pharmacy). If not, medication errors can occur resulting in potential harm to the patient.

Two Point has earned our industry reputation for quality by following conversion best practices. We perform extensive testing throughout each phase of the project, and we require the new vendor and pharmacy to perform their due diligence as well before go-live. We believe in the shared responsibility of the entire project team.  


Individual pharmacies,specialty, large retail chains and hospital pharmacies are just some of the pharmacies Two Point has assisted with migrating data to a new system using our proprietary software.

Consultants and Vendors

Two Point has worked with pharmacies consultants and pharmacy software vendors to support their clients in the data migration process to a new system.

Two Point has two processes for converting pharmacy

Manual and ACERT™

Two Point has been successfully migrating data for pharmacies since 1990, back when our founder had to be locked in the pharmacy overnight! We have been innovating for the three decades since, from tape back ups and discs, to modem pulls evocative of AOL, to our current streamlined process in which all of the work is performed remotely. Our tried and true process for small scale jobs (under 10 pharmacies) runs automated scripts tweaked for your particular projects and run through by our highly trained pharmacy services team. Most of our project coordinators are certified Pharmacy Techs with an average of 10 years of conversion experience. 

Two Point’s ACERT™ software is designed to systematically extract the data and images on a daily basis from legacy system(s), and auto-processing through output to the new vendor for large scale data migration jobs into the thousands of stores. This software is responsible for most of the mass chain conversions since 2005, with the largest being a 1,700 store acquisition which went live in 3 months!  


Pharmacy Data Migration Benefits

Two Point’s founding was based on a simple principle: your time is valuable. Just as you hire experts to fix your car, or install your new dishwasher, when you hire Two Point you are hiring the conversion specialists so that you can do what you are best at: patient care. 

There are numerous business issues that can be resolved through migration: 

In an effort to maximize capacity in the new system, Two Point also offers pharmacy data archiving options that allow pharmacies freedom from compliance requirements while still having user-friendly access to important information.

Clients Questions

Pharmacy Data Migration Questions

After working with pharmacies for over 33 years, Two Point has experienced a multitude of questions related to pharmacy data migration. To assist with the data migration process, we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions from previous clients.

No. Every vendor’s spec differs, but no vendor allows ALL data to be brought across. Most importantly, the data required to fill scripts on day 1 on the new system will be migrated. 

Our Process

Pharmacy Data Migration Process

We work directly with our clients and vendors to ensure the incoming data meets the new vendor software specifications to ensure a seamless transition for pharmacies to updated software.


During an introductory call we review your conversion scope and requirements for the types of data elements needed for your business, including images and documents. The contract and BAA are sent to be reviewed and signed to begin the migration.

Examples & Extraction

The pharmacy creates a series of print screen examples to aid due diligence. Once complete, we pull a copy of your data, documents or images from your existing system with our proprietary extract programs, and read the information into a staging database to clean and transform the information prior to uploading to the new system vendor.

QA & Development

Each project goes through a variety of tests and validations prior to loading the data onto the new system. During this phase, we run the data through our proprietary Quality Assurance checker, which runs a series of over 200+ queries on the data aggregate, table, and field levels. Our project coordinators then use provided screenshots to compare the raw data against the legacy system to determine data accuracy. Any changes required to meet the new vendor’s spec are performed by our developers.

Due Diligence

While Two Point are data experts, pharmacies know their data best. One of the most important steps in the process is the validation performed by the client. Testing is done iteratively until sign off by the client, and a go-live is set.

Pharmacy Data Migration Information

Why Choose Two Point For Pharmacy Data Migration?

Two Point has been at the forefront of pharmacy data extraction and conversion for over three decades. We leverage our proprietary software to extract, transform, and convert pharmacy system data, images, and documents of all types for independents, specialty, chains, and hospital pharmacies.

Our pharmacy data migration services have assisted thousands of pharmacies migrating their data while helping them maintain state board requirements and federal HIPAA and Hitech regulations.

Multifaceted Service Offerings

Pharmacy Data Migration to Pharmacy Archiving

Two Point will work with the pharmacy to determine the best pharmacy data management option. Pharmacy owners may be updating their pharmacy data software system in order to maximize storage; this can be accomplished by a two phase approach from data migration to data archiving. Two Point helps the pharmacy to determine what data should be included in the data migration process, followed by analyzing and extracting the complete historical patient data to an easily accessible client-side archive.

Our Proprietary Software

Pharmacy Data Migration ACERT™

ACERT™ allows chains and hospitals with multiple pharmacies to utilize its automated processing from soup to nuts. Using its unique Roll-Out Control (ROC) feature ACERT™ can extract data from each store server on a daily basis, running test, base and live or delta outputs on a given schedule set forth by the project timeline.

This process cuts out the extractor middleman, and saves time on live night by reducing the overall data and image pull and processing.  

 ACERT™ provides pharmacies with:

Pharmacy Data Acquisition Management

Data Management For Acquisitions & Mergers

Pharmacy mergers and acquisitions can be challenging for all parties involved. Two Point helps buyers and sellers navigate that space by being an independent middleman. Many purchase opportunities are performed on short timelines and are reliant on the type of seamless integration of Two Point into the chain’s or new vendor’s acquisition processes.  

Given the strict confidentiality under which most mergers and acquisitions occur, Two Point’s conversion experts work with the seller to extract data from the pharmacy or hospital system with minimal or no active staff participation. We work around the owner’s schedule with our own conversion techs available 24 hours a day to pull data to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. We have relationships going back to the 1990s, which speaks volumes on the trust we have earned. 

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