ACERT™—All in One Solution

shutterstock_102268042Two Point’s proprietary ACERT™ software migrates legacy data for single stores or en masse, archives images and documents, and provides continuous backup and disaster recovery services.

Pharmacy Chains and Hospital Systems: Migration and Archiving

ACERT™ allows independents, retail chains, and hospitals with large datasets to have ready-access to seldom-used, closed, or acquired facility data systems after the data migration process is complete. For hospital systems–such as radiology labs, nursing stations and fetal monitoring–ACERT™ makes legacy data in archive easier with custom replicated legacy screen interfaces. Additionally, reports and images can be produced on the fly in PDF form delivered to end users.

ACERT™ provides pharmacies, hospitals, and practice groups with:

  • Automated collection from different systems, platforms, and databases
  • User-defined validation metrics and failure thresholds for migration
  • Hardware failover and optimization
  • Quick, intuitive web based roll-out control for migration and daily backup
  • Enterprise–wide and drill-down reporting in multi-store settings

Cost-effective and Secure Decommissioning for Data Retention

For regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions or corporate governance reasons, customers must retain legacy data after system decommissioning. Maintaining legacy data is expensive and a security risk, vulnerable to breaches and viruses, and could potentially cost tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

ACERT™ Advantages:

  • Streamlines disparate databases, divisions, or companies into a single reporting system for real-time access
  • Fast, secure, and scalable migration and archiving
  • Allows merging or acquired organizations to archive and decommission legacy systems
  • Can support structured and unstructured legacy data
  • Meets the retention demands of state board or federal HIPAA regulations, audits, and lawsuits