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Healthcare Organizations

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Health Information Technology Services

We offer health information technology services geared toward electronic health records for single healthcare entities to health systems. At Two Point, we believe in the importance of maintaining HIPAA compliance while extracting, migrating, and archiving our clients’ health data.

Healthcare Data Archiving

Archive electronic health record data to decommission your legacy system

Healthcare Data Migration

Convert your legacy system with electronic health record data migration

Choosing Your Data Management Specialists

Why Choose Two Point For Healthcare Data Management

When it comes to health information technology services, Two Point is at the forefront of innovation and experience. We continue to expand our repertoire of data management tools.

Our proprietary ACERT™ software provides us with a cutting edge advantage to provide quality health information technology services to healthcare organizations, health systems, and practitioners offices. We offer services to many healthcare departments including billing, emergency rooms, and CVORs.

We work closely with the organization’s IT department to ensure our healthcare data management services meet the needs and requirements of your organization from data migration to data archiving.

Client Questions

General Healthcare Data Questions

To assist in your research phase, we have taken our 31 years of experience with healthcare clients to compile a list of frequently asked questions.

Two Point has worked with over 100+ major healthcare data software brands in the last 30 years including Epic, Athenahealth, and more. If we haven't worked with your healthcare software vendor in the past, we will work closely with your vendor to ensure our services work with the specs laid out by your vendor.

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Our Healthcare Data History

Experience With Over 100+ Software Brands

Two Point has over 31 years of expertise providing data management services to healthcare systems across North America. Our engineering team has worked with over 100+ software brands in the healthcare sector delivering quality healthcare data archiving and data migration solutions.

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