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About ACERT™

All In One Data Solution

Two Point’s ACERT™ is a proprietary, multifunctional toolkit that can run data conversion, archiving, reporting, and second tier backup. Designed to automate large scale conversions in 2005, it grew to become an industry leading archiving tool.

ACERT™, while proprietary, is built to work within your IT environment, because it is operating system, database, and browser agnostic. It can be set up in a way to meet your internal requirements.     

For regulatory compliance or corporate governance reasons, customers must retain legacy data after system decommissioning. Maintaining legacy systems is expensive and a security risk, vulnerable to viruses and breaches, and could potentially cost tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Learn More About ACERT™​ Technology

ACERT™​ Technology

Offering Proprietary Solutions for Your Business

Two Point’s one of a kind proprietary software offers intuitive technology to assist in the data management process for pharmacies.

Migration and Archiving

Pharmacy Services

ACERT™ ‘s toolkit includes the automation of mass pharmacy or ORTF file conversions, allowing chains, healthcare systems, and PBMs the ability to migrate large numbers in a short amount of time. ACERT™ is responsible for successful projects that migrated from 100 pharmacies to as many as 1,300 acquired pharmacies over a three month period.

ACERT™ allows independents, retail chains, and hospitals with large datasets to have ready-access to seldom-used, closed, or acquired facility data systems after the data migration process is complete.

Optional Support Fees

Static archives require no ongoing support fees but are offered as an optional service.

Data Ownership

You own your data. Period.

ACERT™ Advantages

As most conversions include no more than one to two years of data, and some do not allow migration of important images, ACERT™ allows pharmacies to decommission their legacy systems after converting to their new system, and still maintain up to ten years of data and images in order to meet their compliance and auditing needs.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Data Security

Maintaining legacy systems is costly. Updating from end of life servers and obsolescent software for post-operational systems, and paying the monthly support fees to keep them running can be an anchor on an IT budget. Decommissioning these systems and migrating your data to a normalized ACERT™ archive secures your data without monthly fees while reducing your IT footprint.  

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