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Healthcare Data Migration

Healthcare Data Migration Solutions

What Is Healthcare Data Migration?

Healthcare data migration is the process of extracting, transforming, and loading healthcare data from the retiring legacy system to the new healthcare system. Healthcare data must be quality assured, cleansed, and validated prior to go-live in order to have a successful healthcare data migration. Two Point will work with the new healthcare software vendor to obtain data specs to ensure the data is converted into the appropriate format to be accepted into the new application.

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Data Migration Services

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Two Point’s data migration specialists bring years of experience to every conversion. We ensure an accurate, reliable, and secure conversion process for all types of systems.


What Are Healthcare Data Migration Challenges?

As with any healthcare process, there are always challenges to overcome, the same is true for the healthcare data migration process. In order to ensure the success of a healthcare organization’s data migration, we work with you to overcome these hurdles.

Oftentimes, organizations don’t know what they don’t know about their healthcare data in their EMR/EHR. Organizations may have duplicate patient records, missing information, and erroneous data, which is why we analyze the data as part of the migration process to prevent loading bad data into the new system.

Validating the data during the testing process is also a key element to data migration. Failure to validate the data during this phase can result in patient records errors not found until it is too late. Two Point implements numerous testing phases to ensure the healthcare data is fully validated both in the staging phase as well as on live night to correct any errors prior to completion.

Healthcare Organizations

Medical practices, hospitals, and blood banks are some of the healthcare organizations Two Point has assisted with migrating healthcare data to new EHR/EMR, billing or PM systems.

Vendors & Consultants

Two Point has worked with numerous healthcare software vendors and consultants to support their clients with updating and migrating healthcare data to a new system.


Healthcare Data Migration Benefits

Two Point can assist with healthcare data migration with our proprietary ACERT™ software. We systematically extract the data from your legacy system to transform the data to be uploaded into your new healthcare data system.

Migrating your data to a new system has numerous benefits, including:

Client Questions

Healthcare Data Migration Questions

Over the past 30 years, we have found that many of our clients have similar questions regarding healthcare data migration. To make things simple, we have provided a list of generally asked questions to support our clients during the research phase of their project.

Unless the data is encrypted, the client has no access to the legacy database, or the legacy database is hosted by the vendor or a third-party,  we handle all of the data extraction ourselves with the use of proprietary tools.

Our Process

Data Migration Process

Each data migration process has slight variations based on the scope of the project, and the vendor specifications of the new system. However, the overall steps we take to achieve a seamless conversion remain the same to provide accuracy with any data migration.

User Discovery

During the user discovery process, Two Point will work with your legacy application users and IT department to determine the scope of the data migration. Including reviewing any image and document requirements.


Our ETL process includes the setup of a staging environment for data migration. We will extract the data from your existing system and load the information into the staging database to clean and transform the information prior to uploading to the new system. We will locate and extract or migrate any existing documents or images.

Vendor Output Creation

Two Point will work with your new vendor to output the required data into the format they specify, including converting documents and images to formats supported by the new vendor as required.

Testing & Go Live

Based on the timeline and live date discussed during the user discovery call, our team will work within your schedule to load the data into your staging environment for iterative testing until approved, and then arrange the final extract and processing for go-live.

Healthcare Data Migration Solutions

Why Choose Two Point for Healthcare Data Migration?

Two Point has over three decades of medical data migration experience. Numerous healthcare providers including hospitals, medical practices, and healthcare software vendors have leveraged our proprietary processes in order to extract and convert clinical, financial, and employee data from various healthcare systems to new EHRs, and other departmental systems such as surgical, ophthalmology, HR, and pharmacy.

We offer healthcare data migration services from individual provider offices to large health systems. Rather than rely on HL7 to move limited data, Two Point’s core competency is the ability to extract both discrete and non-discrete data that has not been transferible to organizations in the past, while also offering additional benefits such as healthcare data archiving to maintain state board and HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare Data Management Options

Data Migration to Data Archiving

Two Point will work with your organization to determine the healthcare data management option that works best for your project. Healthcare providers may be updating their health data software system in order to maximize storage; this can be accomplished by a two phase approach from data migration to data archiving. The assigned Two Point engineer will help to determine what data should be included in the data migration process, followed by extracting, analyzing and migrating the remaining health data to an easily accessible web-based archive.

Our Proprietary Software

Healthcare Data Migration ACERT™

ACERT™ provides hospitals, universities, public entities, and medical practices with the ability to nimbly convert accepted data to new systems. Once extracted, processing is designed to transform the legacy data into the new system’s inbound specification format. Once test data is signed off the process can be automated to run on go live.

Healthcare Data Acquisition Management

Data Management For Acquisitions & Mergers

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions present great opportunities, and often, challenges for hospitals, health systems, and medical groups. Short timelines and limited access to information due to confidentiality lead to higher patient safety risks. Two Point serves as the liaison between buyers, sellers, and vendors to help mitigate those risks while seamlessly, accurately, and securely migrating and integrating the seller’s legacy data into the buyer’s system. With more than 30 years of data conversion experience, Two Point has worked with nearly every health care system so we know how to respond quickly to unexpected acquisitions that require immediate attention.

Given the strict confidentiality under which most mergers and acquisitions occur, Two Point’s conversion experts work with the seller to extract data from the pharmacy or hospital system with minimal or no active staff participation. We work around the owner’s schedule with our own conversion techs available 24 hours a day to pull data to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

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