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Our Mission

At Two Point our mission is to maximize efficiency, decrease costs, and maximize the value of existing data for healthcare organizations and the broader healthcare ecosystem, by utilizing our broad healthcare experience and technical expertise to provide innovative healthcare data management solutions.

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Founder & President

Phil Lisitza

“I’d like to think we are always on the forefront of innovation in our vertical; keeping an eye on the future. We build our own processes, ETL language, quality assurance tools, and apps. We continue to explore new ways to harness evolving technologies to expand and enhance our current processes and offerings.

Over 33 years of experience

Our History

Two Point’s president and founder, Phil Lisitza, grew up working in his dad’s pharmacy. In 1975, his father purchased his first computer to store his pharmacy’s data. When he bought a new pharmacy system 15 years later, he was told he would have to manually enter all the information into his new system. He asked Phil if he could help and pharmacy data migration was born. The idea caught with that vendor, then others. Phil’s vision and innovation in the pharmacy industry has made the transfer of health information simple and secure, replacing the former time-consuming manual process.

In 2005, Phil wrote his own ETL language called ACERT™ to process large chain store migrations with an automated daily extract system, and able to produce store archives on the fly. The ACERT™ archive has grown in the last 16 years to become the leading pharmacy archive for independents, chains, and health systems, and utilized for mass migrations up to 1700 stores, and as a disaster recovery tool.

The company continued to expand through the 2000s beyond independent pharmacies to service most major grocery and drug store chains, and health systems. With so many chain customers by the early 2010s acquiring independents and other chain stores, there became a need for better pre-acquisition reporting. Producing due diligence reporting directly from the pharmacy system became a major industry trend, and helped both sellers and buyers expedite the acquisition process by allowing an independent third party to bridge the reporting gap straight from the source of truth.

Over the past decade, Two Point has continued to add and grow services and verticals, including image processing, Injunctive Relief reporting, in-network, Epic WAM and Specialty conversions.

Our Values

Our Core Values

We establish and foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration that empowers our team members to work together to innovate. Our emphasis on teamwork allows each team member to hold themselves accountable by operating from a place of trust and integrity. 


We hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard as we believe that each individual action represents our organization.


We strive to achieve high quality services that meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients.


While production always comes first, we seek to push forward, go beyond, and surpass the status quo of our industry.


We foster teamwork by creating the means for collaboration from the top down regardless of where we work.

Security & Compliance

Our work is performed through the lens of confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, not just to the letter but the spirit, and it shows in the way that we approach the security of both our systems and our client’s data and systems.

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Our Goals For The Future

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s premier healthcare data management company offering unparalleled, innovative, secure platform-neutral data solutions.

Servicing Pharmacies Across North America

Industry Leading Data Solutions

Allow our specialized account managers to guide your team through the data management process and experience what 33+ years of data archiving, data migration and data acquisition services can do for your organization.

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