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AthenaHealth Conversion & Archiving Solutions

AthenaHealth Conversion & Archiving Solutions

AthenaHealth Archiving and Migration Overview

Healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to improve patient care and reduce costs. Two Point has been working with health systems for the past few decades, helping them migrate from AthenaHealth or most other systems allowing them to take advantage of new features while reducing their IT footprint at the same time! We’ll work closely throughout your project – starting by understanding your organization’s needs and following through with the plan outlined by both your organization and Two Point. 

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Our sales team will work with you to determine your organization’s archiving needs to decommission your AthenaHealth legacy system.

AthenaHealth Data Management

AthenaHealth Data Management Services

Managing your AthenaHealth data is easy with the help of Two Point. We have a variety of service options that will suit any organization’s needs, whether it be migrating all or some aspects of your data from AthenaHealth onto your new system or creating a seamless archival solution for your data access and retention requirements. 

AthenaHealth Data Extraction & Conversion

Two Point not only has a comprehensive understanding of how to migrate your data from AthenaHealth to your new system but also has a repertoire of information from past AthenaHealth conversions to assist in our recommendations for how to handle certain aspects of your data. We can provide assistance for our clients to ensure they get the most out of their conversion to the new system of their choosing.  

AthenaHealth Data Archival & Storage

Querying your old AthenaHealth servers for data can be a risky and time-consuming process. With Two Point’s comprehensive archiving solutions, you’ll have access to all of this information in one convenient place without taking up valuable resources on your new system or risking exposure by leaving the data on your AthenaHealth legacy system with varying security standards – not only will it save money but also allow peace of mind knowing that future risks are eliminated before they begin!

AthenaHealth Data Archiving Information

AthenaHealth Additional Archiving Information

AthenaHealth stores both clinical and financial data that is transferable to the ACERT archive. The following provides a brief breakdown of how AthenaHealth breaks down their data elements in their system.

Throughout the years Two Point has worked with AthenaHealth customers to archive their data, we have compiled a list of information frequently stored in the archive. 

  • Data
    • Patients
      • Address
      • Phone numbers
      • Comments
    • Departments (+ Patient Link)
    • Providers
    • Insurance Information
      • Plan information
      • Insurance card images
      • Patient Link
    • Medical procedures
    • Transactions
    • Appointments
  • Reports
    • Appointment summaries
    • EOBs
    • Transactions summaries

AthenaHealth Archiving and Conversion

Why Choose Two Point for your AthenaHealth data conversion and archival needs?

Our experience has guided clients through the intricacies and complexities that arise when converting AthenaHealth data to new systems and archiving required data to archival solutions. Our deep knowledge combined with decades worth of experience is what gives us a thorough understanding on how best to handle your organization’s data needs for a successful migration away from AthenaHealth. 

We know that your data is important to you and we take every step necessary in order for it not only be converted successfully, but also preserved accurately so there are no complications or issues down the line. Our experience with past obstacles has prepared us well when transferring this information over from AthenaHealth systems.

Our AthenaHealth Data Conversion & Archivals Are:

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