Data Archiving Solutions for Healthcare

Data and Image Storage and Archiving Solutions

Keyboard with “data archiving” as one of the keysMigrated or decommissioned legacy system data and images are placed in storage after converting between legacy and new systems or due to advent of new systems or mergers. Storage provides an opportunity to mine and archive this data so customers can glean value from it at a present or later time, yet still maintain this sensitive and regulated patient and practice management information.

Two Point’s ACERT™ data archive and reporting tool displays the archive for EMR, pharmacy, practice management, and document management systems. ACERT™ is particularly effective for large-scale archiving.

Two Point archives customer data without having to retain the data in the actual live transaction system. Once data is archived, Two Point maintains the data—either at a secure customer data warehouse onsite or at Two Point with secure external access.

Warehousing for Business Intelligence

Once customer data and images are in a secure warehouse location ACERT™ provides access to the data and reporting tools via Web browser (no user app installation required), providing quick, simple access to single records or records across multiple locations quickly, with printable or exportable reports, customizable upon request. For independent pharmacies, a one-off, virtual machine version of the ACERT™ archive is available with all the same look-up and reporting functionality. Custom data analysis is available upon request.