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Cerner Data Migration: Preparing for Sunsetting

It comes at no surprise to Cerner customers that their existing Cerner software will be sunsetting in the coming months following the acquisition by Oracle Health. Cerner’s current software along with third-party vendors will begin being replaced with Oracle services and technology including Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure. While some customers may be pleased with the rollover to Oracle software, some are beginning their search for new pharmacy software systems as well as new EHR systems. 

Current Cerner customers beginning their dive into new software systems, should also begin considering how they will convert to the new system, as well as what they will do with their legacy system data. 

Cerner Data Migration

When migrating from a software system such as Cerner that has been around for decades, there are numerous items to consider. Depending on the version of Cerner software that your organization utilizes, could mean that some data may be inaccessible to users. With that in mind, it is important to work with data management specialists during your migration to ensure that you get the most amount of data out of your legacy system before subsetting begins in 2023. 

During your migration from Cerner, your organization will need to determine what clinical and financial data you need brought over to the new system and what information you will leave for legacy data management such as data archiving. 

We will discuss three primary considerations for a successful data migration from Cerner today: accuracy, data conversion process, and legacy data management.

Cerner Data Conversion Accuracy

Based on the age of Cerner’s existing software systems – some data as previously mentioned may not be accessible and may not easily convert to the new system. During the data migration process, your team will want to validate all data that is brought over to the new system and compare that data to what is currently seen in your Cerner software system to ensure information accuracy. Working with data management specialists, such as Two Point, that are very familiar with Cerner pharmacy software such as Etreby and their EHR systems will be beneficial in migrating the maximum amount of data accurately to the new system and archiving your legacy data. 

Tips for Ensuring Accuracy in Cerner Data Migration

In any EHR implementation project, accuracy must be top of mind to protect patient safety. However, without a focus on accuracy and expert guidance, the process of converting Cerner data from one system to another can be fraught with difficulties and potential errors.

To ensure accuracy during data migrations from Cerner:

  • Work with data management specialists who have extensive experience with Cerner data migration.
  • Rigorously test the data migration process before going live.
  • Monitor the data closely after go-live to catch any errors that may have occurred during the migration.

Cerner Data Migration Process

Converting from a sunsetting pharmacy or healthcare EMR software system may seem like a daunting task, as users are not only accustomed to the current application but there is always a cost associated with migrating to a new vendor. Getting the most out of your conversion from Cerner will make the investment into your system all that much more worthwhile. 

Data management specialists, such as Two Point, will assist you with determining the data that can be brought across to the new system based on the specifications provided by the new vendor as well as their knowledge of Cerner and past migration successes. 

Working with your team, data management specialists will pull your data for testing and iterate test until sign off, one final pull will take place before the final migration process on go-live. During that time, you will be able to validate your data to ensure that the data brought across is accurate and displayed correctly in the new system. 

By working with data migration specialists, you will receive an outline of the project expectations and deadlines based on your go live date. Some migrations may take as little as 3 months while others may take upwards of a year. This is dependent on the amount of data included in the migration process, and new vendor project timelines. 

Cerner Legacy Data Archiving

Over the years, most health organizations and pharmacies accumulate large amounts of data. When converting to a new system, it is not only not recommended but most vendors only allow a certain amount of data to be brought across. So what will you do with the rest of your data?

Data archiving offers a cost effective as well as compliant means for managing that data long term. Archiving applications such as Two Point’s ACERT™archive application provides Cerner customers an opportunity to maintain access to their legacy data as the applications sunset in 2023 while decreasing costs of maintaining other legacy applications. 

For more information visit our ACERT™page to see how data archiving can benefit your organization or pharmacy. 

Other Tips for Successful Center Data Migration

Here are some additional tips for a successful Cerner data migration:

Communicate with Your Team

Communicating with your team throughout the Cerner data migration process is essential. Be sure to keep everyone informed of the status of the project and what they need to do to support the migration.

Understand Data Requirements

Each vendor has a set of proprietary data specifications that they use for their software systems. Working with your vendor and your data management specialists will provide your organization with the information necessary to complete a successful data migration from Cerner. 

Following these tips will help ensure a successful Cerner data migration. Contact Two Point today if you are ready to learn more about migrating to a new system from Cerner or get expert help for your healthcare organization or pharmacy.

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