Data Security

data-securityOur team works within Two Point’s strict security standards and policies to ensure the confidentiality of your migration, the secure transfer of HIPAA data along all points of the process, and discreet communication with you and your new vendor. Two Point’s strict, unflinching security standards meet or exceed federal regulations.

The Business Associates Agreement (BAA) serves as an integral part of the security process. By setting the parameters for compliance, the BAA outlines the obligations of both parties in their adherence to HIPAA and the HITECH Standards Act. We cannot proceed with a data conversion unless both parties sign this agreement.

Our Commitment to Data Confidentiality

Two Point is dedicated to keeping your data confidential. Independent pharmacists can expect Two Point to share in the chain of responsibility that they extend to their customers. Two Point never sells pharmacy data, nor do we release pharmacy data to anyone other than the owner of that data.