About Us

Our Mission


Two Point was founded with the mission to revolutionize automated data collection and migration. We deliver flexible, creatively designed, technology solutions to the business community. We untangle problems deemed unsolvable by IT Professionals through thoughtful and collaborative analysis, timely responses to our clients’ needs, and efficiently delivering our tailored products and services. We establish and foster a culture of collaboration and education so our team can provide, with integrity, exceptional products and superior service to our customers.

Our Core Values

Group4-4We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable.
We are the first to admit our errors and fix them at a moment’s notice to get the job right, and we welcome feedback from our peers and customers as well.

We work well with others while still demanding the best of ourselves.
We are a collaborative environment that believes in genuine teamwork while still expecting the best from ourselves as individual players. We also understand that open and timely communication is crucial for successful projects in today’s IT environment.

We are humble about our own achievements.
We keep our egos in check. We root for each other’s successes, while still being open to self-improvement. We recognize that everyone has something great to contribute.

We innovate constantly.
We do not try to fit our customer’s needs to our solutions, we fit solutions to our customer’s needs. We constantly question the status quo and the “conventional wisdom” to come up with new and better ways to serve our customers.

We value our stakeholders.
We understand that the most important asset any organization possesses is its people. We are respectful of others’ needs, opinions, and time. We value our customers and the trust they have put in us, and we are committed to earning that trust every single day.


Phil Lisitza

Phil Lisitza

Two Point’s president and founder, Phil Lisitza, grew up working in his dad’s pharmacy. In 1975, his father purchased his first computer to store his pharmacy’s data. When he bought a new computer 15 years later, he was told he would have to manually enter all the information into his new system. He asked Phil if he could help and data migration was born. Phil’s vision and innovation in the pharmacy industry has made the transfer of health information simple and secure, replacing the prior expensive and time-consuming manual process.

To date, tens of thousands of pharmacies have trusted us with their data conversion needs. Two Point’s customized data solutions provide for a secure, seamless system transition or store acquisition with minimal disruption, so that customers can focus on the daily operation of business.

“When I was in graduate school my dad, who still had his old computer he’d bought when I was seven, decided to get a new system. The vendor told him there wasn’t any way to move the data off the old system and on to the new one. They told my dad that he’d just have to manually enter it. He said, ‘Phil, that can’t be. Can you do something for me?’ And I got to work. Once other pharmacy system vendors heard that you could actually do this, migrate data between systems in one extraction, it removed this enormous barrier to making a sale. A new industry was born.”

– Phil Lisitza, President and Founder of Two Point