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Nextgen Conversion & Archiving Solutions

Nextgen Archiving & Conversion Solutions

Nextgen Archiving and Migration Overview

Two Point has been working with healthcare organizations and health systems since the early 1990s to help them migrate, and archive their Nextgen data. We’ll be there at every step of your project so you can feel confident that your Nextgen data is being handled with precision and accuracy. 

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Our sales team will work with you to determine your organization’s archiving needs to decommission your Nextgen legacy system.

Nextgen Data Management

Nextgen Data Management Services

Migrating and archiving your Nextgen data can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible one. Two Point has the expertise and service options that will suit any organization’s needs. 

Nextgen Data Extraction & Conversion

Two Point data extraction and conversion services specialize in migrating your data from the Nextgen system to your chosen system. We’ll work with you and your IT teams, as well as your new vendor to ensure accuracy with your migration; we have extensive experience working with Nextgen to align your data with the specs provided! Your Nextgen formatting might differ from what’s used by your new vendor but through careful planning during each step Two Point will ensure required fields are transferred accordingly through on-going validation efforts. 

Nextgen Data Archival & Storage

Two Point offers data archiving solutions for your Nextgen data whether you are migrating to a new system or decommissioning your legacy systems. Archiving your old Nextgen servers can assist in eliminating future security risks while reducing your ongoing maintenance and upgrading expenses. Our archiving solution allows you to consolidate your disparate Nextgen data to a single user-friendly application while maximizing storage capacity on your new system. 

Nextgen Data Archiving Information

Nextgen Additional Archiving Information

Nextgen is a healthcare software service typically used by mid-sized practices (50-200 employees) which provides both EHR and PM tools. The data hierarchy of this system is typical of most hospital systems. Nextgen is the 5th most used EHR system across the board yet we see many hospitals or health systems sizing out of Nextgen and moving to larger scale EHR and PM systems. Whether you have sized out or are moving on to a system that better caters to the needs of your organization, archival of your Nextgen data can assist with maximizing the storage capacity of your new system while also consolidating any additional legacy data you may have. 

The following is a breakdown of the Nextgen data hierarchy that will be useful in understanding the data archival process at Two Point. 

  • Person
    • Patient
      • Diagnosis
      • Encounter
        • Encounter Notes
        • Vitals
        • Medications
        • Orders/Procedures
        • Documents
          • Document pages
        • Encounter Claims
        • Encounter Provider
      • Allergy
      • Patient Provider
    • Accounts
    • Payer
    • Charges
      • Transactions
  • EMR Module - Scope
    • Patient Visit
      • All data attached to the visit
    • Problem List
    • Medications
    • All scans
  • Practice Management Module - Scope
    • Financial Data
    • Insurance Data

Nextgen Archiving and Conversion

Why Choose Two Point for Your Nextgen Data Conversion and Archival Needs?

For 30 years, Two Point has been archiving and migrating Nextgen data for their clients. We have gained an understanding of the system to ensure successful solutions are implemented in terms not just conversion but also backup procedures in the form of archiving so your information can be found when you need it most!

We have the necessary experience and expertise to successfully convert Nextgen data while anticipating potential setbacks based on our past obstacles. This allows us to avoid any delays or complications that may arise during your conversion process. Our team does not stop at delivering quality service – they go one step further by making sure all of this information is delivered securely, accurately and timely.

Our Nextgen Data Conversion & Archivals Are:

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