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eCW Conversion & Archiving Solutions

eClinicalWorks Archiving Solutions

eClinicalWorks Archiving and Migration Overview

Two Point’s team has decades of experience working with healthcare organizations to convert and archive their eCW data. Our goal is to make the transition as easy on you, your staff and ultimately your patients who rely upon it for patient safety. We want to ensure that your health organization continues to provide excellent patient care by archiving and migrating your eCW data without interruptions. 

Many healthcare organizations are choosing to migrate away from eClinicalWorks’s cloud-based EHR software which provides both EMR and PM services. The age of eCW system along with the multiple overhauls and version changes has culminated in a bulky and labyrinthian legacy database which includes a large number of load-bearing empty tables that needs to be considered for migration and archiving considerations. 

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Our sales team will work with you to determine your organization’s archiving needs to decommission your eCW legacy system.

eClinicalWorks Data Management

eCW Data Management Services

Whether you are moving your eCW data to a new system or archiving the information stored in existing solutions – Two Point has services that will meet individual needs.

eCW Data Extraction & Conversion

Two Point knows that data is the lifeblood of any healthcare organization, and our goal with every migration we perform for you has always been twofold: firstly by securely transferring files from your eCW system into a new one; secondly making sure everything gets done right while maintaining the integrity of your data! We work closely alongside both internal IT teams as well as your new vendor for accurate data specifications. 

eCW Data Archival & Storage

Two Point offers a data archiving solution for your eCW needs whether you are migrating to a new system or decommissioning eCW and/or other legacy systems. Archiving old server data can assist in eliminating future security risks while reducing ongoing maintenance and upgrade expenses on the part of your healthcare organization. Our archival application makes consolidating disparate data convenient and user-friendly every step along the way; no more juggling data between different applications – now they’re accessible in a single user-specific archival environment. 

eCW Data Archiving Information

eClinicalWorks Additional Information

eCW data is stored in the database. Some key information that may be stored in your eCW database includes encounters (locked and unlocked), progress notes, patient information, provider information, documents and images. 

Two Point has helped eCW customers preserve their data for the past several decades. In that time, we've compiled a list of frequently-stored information that you may want to include in your archive!

Our interface provides:

  • Patient search 
  • Patient list matching specified search criteria
  • Screen to choose from patient demographic summary, existing patient documents, diagnostic imaging & lab results, and locked encounter progress notes
  • Ability to download (to PDF) the patient demographic summary, existing documents, diagnostic imaging & lab results, and locked encounter progress notes

Information Included In The Archive

  • Patient and Provider Information
  • Patient demographics, immunizations, referrals, and medical history written to a PDF summary per patient
  • Locked encounter progress notes.  A summary of each locked encounter, based on the eCW Progress Notes, will be written to PDFs.  No unlocked progress notes will be included in the archive
  • Existing patient documents and images in eCW
  • Diagnostic imaging and lab orders written to a PDF summary per patient encounter
  • Conversion of eCW diagnostic imaging and lab result XML reports to PDFs attached at the patient encounter level
  • Reports
    • Clinical (Demographic, Referral, and Immunization) Report
      • Two Point proprietary batch reporting tool
    • Lab/DI Summary Report
      • Two Point proprietary batch reporting tool
    • Lab/DI Report
      • XML to PDF

eClinicalWorks Archiving and Conversion

Why Choose Two Point for Your eCW Data Conversion and Archival Needs?

Two Point has been converting and archiving eCW data for a decade. We have gained insight into the systems over time to successfully migrate your information while avoiding any obstacles that may arise from previous conversions or obstacles unrelated to our service. With this knowledge, we can provide you with security, accuracy and timeliness when it comes down to delivering quality services on each conversion and archival project!

Our eCW Data Conversion & Archivals Are:

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