CHICAGO, July 15, 2015
Pioneer in healthcare data management projects continued growth in pharmacy, hospital, and practice management markets for data migration and archiving services

Phil Lisitza

Phil Lisitza

Two Point, a national leader in healthcare data conversion, headquartered in Chicago, marks 25 years in the healthcare IT industry as the premier data conversion and management company for pharmacies, hospitals, and medical groups. Founded by President and Chief Technology Officer Phil Lisitza in 1990, pioneered the data migration, analysis, and archiving process for both big box and privately held pharmacies, as well as healthcare providers nationwide.

“The healthcare industry continues to go through major changes; especially in the last few years,” says Phil Lisitza, Two Point president. “With complex issues such as mergers and acquisitions, data security, and big data impacting information management, we are continually challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the curve for our customers, giving them the most effective, accurate, and secure solutions.

Prior to Two Point’s establishment, healthcare providers transferred or converted patient data from legacy systems to new systems via manual processes that required hundreds of hours of labor and potentially hundreds of data entry workers. The data was not only subject to human error, but it also was not protected under strict privacy laws. Two Point introduced a revolutionary process to migrate and archive data, establishing a new data conversion industry in healthcare.

About Two Point

Chicago-based Two Point specializes in the extraction, analysis, and conversion of structured and unstructured data for electronic medical records (EMR), practice management (PM), document management (DM), and pharmacy systems. With more than two decades of healthcare IT experience, Two Point has converted data for more than 25,000 pharmacies to date. Two Point provides pharmacies, hospitals, and medical groups with fast, secure, and accurate data and image management. Two Point’s proprietary ACERT™ tool is customizable and scalable for migration, archiving of legacy data and images, or acquisition of new data and images from various systems to meet compliance and other business needs. Contact for more information or to schedule a demo or call 847-780-6135.