Chicago, December 2, 2015

Healthcare Data Conversion Company Address C-Suite Budget Concerns with Proprietary Software

ACERT LogoTwo Point, a national provider of custom data services to pharmacy and healthcare organizations, announced the expansion of its services to support healthcare systems, hospitals and practice management groups. The 25 year-old data conversion and migration company headquartered in Chicago provides clinical data migration, analysis, and archiving services.

Known for its expertise in managing complicated data conversion for both large and small pharmacies, Two Point’s market expansion is accompanied by the release of a new version of ACERT™ for the healthcare market. ACERT™, a proprietary software developed by the founder of Two Point, is designed to rapidly archive structured and unstructured data including images, and documents in EMR, PM, and DM systems.

“Large corporate healthcare providers can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year maintaining legacy data from old systems to be in compliance with regulations and not compromise patient information,” says Two Point founder and president, Phil Lisitza. “The cost of retaining this data is high—even more so for smaller, independent practice groups and providers—but it could be more costly if providers get slapped with fines for putting their patient and clinical information at risk. Our expansion from pharmacies to hospitals and healthcare systems is aimed at helping these organizations remain in compliance, while potentially cutting large line-items for maintenance from their budget,” he added.

Since its Introduction in 2004, Two Point’s ACERT™ software has saved independent and chain pharmacies thousands of hours that would have been devoted to manual migration and archiving. The company estimates that on average, an investment of approximately ten percent of what organizations are spending on maintenance is adequate to begin to eliminate these costly legacy systems and, over time, generate millions in savings for health care organizations.  In 2014, Two Point saved Mercy Health (Ohio) approximately $750,000 in maintenance fees by archiving three EMR instances for the hospital group.

” ACERT™ is not an out of the box solution,” says Lisitza. “Two Point’s  archiving services include shorter learning cycles users because we customize each  ACERT™ archive to reflect legacy screens and dynamically generated PDF data reports. Whether nursing stations or EMR or fetal monitoring systems, we find that user familiarity leads to quick adoption and buy in.”

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About Two Point

Chicago-based Two Point ( specializes in the extraction, analysis, and conversion of structured and unstructured data for electronic medical records (EMR), practice management (PM), document management (DM), and pharmacy systems. An industry leader with more than two decades of healthcare IT experience, Two Point has converted data for more than 25,000 pharmacy systems to date. Two Point provides pharmacies, hospitals, and medical groups with fast, secure, and accurate data and image management. Two Point’s proprietary ACERT™ system is customizable and scalable for migration, archiving of legacy data and images, or acquisition of new data and images from various systems to meet compliance and other business needs. Contact for more information or to schedule a demo.