Data Acquisition (DAQ) Management Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Data acquisition (DAQ) management services and processesMergers and acquisitions present great opportunities, and often, challenges for pharmacies, hospitals, and medical groups. Short timelines and limited access to information because of confidentiality lead to higher patient safety risks. Two Point serves as the liaison between buyers, sellers, and vendors to help mitigate those risks while seamlessly, accurately, and securely migrating and integrating the seller’s legacy data into the buyer’s system. With more than 20 years of data conversion experience, Two Point has worked with nearly every health care system so we know how to respond quickly to unexpected acquisitions that require immediate attention.


Given the strict confidentiality under which most mergers and acquisitions occur, Two Point’s conversion experts work with the seller to extract data from the pharmacy or hospital system with minimal or no active staff participation. We work around the owner’s schedule with our own conversion techs available 24 hours a day to pull data to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Patient Mailing Lists

Two Point creates customized mailing lists to client specifications. We help reduce mailing costs by merging/consolidating duplicate addresses and sending one mailing per household.

Advance Analysis

Two Point assists acquisition teams with verification and business valuation. Two Point creates custom reports for pharmacies exploring the purchase of other pharmacies. Instead of relying on an independent owner or their broker to determine the worth of your purchase, Two Point can extract data from the seller’s system and generate true reporting on dollar, script, prescriber, and customer information. We code to our customer’s specifications making each report unique to your business requirements.