Structured vs. Unstructured Data

Two Point can extract and convert all types of data from any legacy system to a new system. Our developers are experts in migrating:


  • Pharmacy prescriptions
  • Patient and doctor names
  • Traditional row-column database information


  • Email correspondence
  • Multi-media (mp3s, photos, images, and PDFs)
  • Word documents
  • Text files

Beyond Rx Data

shutterstock_163757432Two Point goes the extra mile to migrate specialty data because we know the value of your data, having begun as a pharmacy data conversion company. We have worked with nursing home and worker’s compensation information, images, state regulated processing, industry wide formatting changes, and the like. We go beyond migrating basic data elements such as Rxs, drug, doctor, and patient information because we understand the wide range our customer’s needs. We offer custom coding to fit our customer’s special needs, requirements, and unique usages of their systems, so that they can extract as much as possible from their legacy systems