Accurate Conversion Process


The Two Point Accurate Conversion Process is designed to be near effortless for our clients with minimal interruptions. We recognize that converting your organization’s data to a new platform can create anxiety for your team. Will this be disruptive? Will I be able to see patients while this is happening? Will I fall behind on my work? These justifiable fears are ones that our team has worked hard to eliminate through our time-tested data migration and conversion process that places the needs of our clients and the integrity of the data first. The conversion process, however, requires teamwork and we see the process as collaborative between Two Point, the client and the vendor.


The first step Two Point takes at the onset of a client relationship is to perform a detailed assessment of your current data platforms and structure so that data migration solutions that are developed are appropriately matched to your data requirements, business goals and timeline. Two Point will explore every option that is available for your conversion and assist in making the right choice based on the needs of the organization.

Two Point’s time-tested Accurate Conversion Process is a method our leadership developed at a very early stage in our growth. The Two Point Accurate Conversion Process for EMR migration and conversions allows your organization to be confident in the data fueling your new EMR.


Testing and inspection are key differentiators for Two Point’s Accurate Conversion Process. Typically, by connecting remotely into the system, we are able to extract and test data with minimal effort or disruption to the pharmacy. We also work with you to generate examples used to perform our due diligence to ensure accuracy.


Your data is converted by Two Point into our internal database structure. This allows us to review all data—no matter what system—in a stable, known format.


After the data is converted, we use our proprietary QC system developed to act like a stress test on the data, reviewing it in over 500 different ways at store aggregate and field level. We are constantly adding new checks as we discover new issues, much as your virus protection software does. Combining this with review of the data examples provided help mitigate risk. Any variances discovered at this stage are identified and corrected.

The conversion of your legacy data from our internal database structure into the file format provided by the new EMR vendor is executed and then shared with the vendor. At this critical stage, we duplicate our efforts of inspection and apply all of our quality assurance testing for a second time on the data.


We all make mistakes. We think how we respond is what defines us. We work hard to make sure a second test round corrects any found issues. Our development staff is the best and quickest in the industry. Ask any of our clients.

Final Inspection

This is actually the most important phase of conversion. At this point, the vendor and pharmacy staff examine the test data on the new system. Test data is a useful training tool for the new system because it allows us to reveal any possible inaccuracies and eliminate them before the system in live. Participants will need to evaluate and test each category of data to identify any variances and allow us to finalize the inspection of the data.

Final Extraction

Two Point will confirm a date with your organization for live usage of the new database. At that point, we will set a date for the final data pull and schedule the extraction at your convenience. This is always scheduled after business hours to ensure that all of your data is converted without disrupting your work flow. It also eliminates the need to re-key data. Our team will remotely connect to your data and extract. A Two Point conversion technician contacts your team by phone to guide the process. Your data is encrypted and transmitted back to Two Point for final conversion.

Go Live

Back to business as usual. Your new system is up and running with complete and accurate data.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is critical to a successful conversion. Two Point is an expert in data inspection and verification. All data is put through our quality control procedures. We follow all best practices and steps required for a successful conversion. Through the use of advanced statistical tools to assist our analysis, our success rate is superior as compared to competitors. Simply put, our team is willing to do whatever it takes to examine and understand the nuances of your data. Our quality assurance staff has extensive experience in both Pharmacy and Hospital data conversions. We know how to compare your data to examples provided by vendors and identify and resolve data problems. We conduct important iteration testing at critical points during the conversion process to proactively address data issues well before your Go Live.