Physician Group

First Do No Harm

shutterstock_172496525Patients come first, so any system migration must not disrupt the practice. Not only does the data have to convert accurately, it has to be handled in accordance to HIPAA requirements and it has to be accessible during the conversion. Two Point has decades of medical record migration experience and is able to ensure the integrity of the migration.

Nuanced Conversion

Getting the details right in patient care is critical to success. The same rule applies to data migration. Two Point uses a multiple-step process to ensure that the data is accurately harvested and transferred to the new system. Complete migration to the new system eliminates the need to maintain legacy systems.


Ongoing improvement is the goal of any successful organization. Two Point helps physician groups be more successful by converting data on old systems to newer systems that offer streamlined workflow with robust search and reporting capabilities. It bring the best of both worlds—the rich patient histories seamlessly migrated into new systems designed to meet the latest healthcare requirements.