Hospitals, ACOs & HIEs: Why Data Management Matters

Patient Information is the Pulse of Hospitals, ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), & HIEs (Health Information Exchanges)

There were as much as 2,314 exabytes of new data generated in 2020, much of it from EMRs (electronic medical records). Because of this growing amount of healthcare data, hospitals are faced with two choices: 1. leverage this data in business decision-making and patient care while securely storing and archiving it or 2. face government fines and lose insurance contracts, leaving the hospital in financial ruin.

Every team member in your hospital relies on data to make informed decisions, from surgeons, to business executives, to janitors. The accessibility, security, and mobilization of data, including EMR data, is critical to the success of your organization. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) like yours rely on Two Point Conversions to deliver computable structured clinical data. This data reduces costs and helps deliver better patient care.

The secure archiving and storage of patient data with Two Point means your hospital will avoid federal and state HIPAA non-compliance lawsuits as well as embarrassing and harmful patient data breaches. In addition to this, Two Point Conversions’ data services allow for unprecedented quality of care at all levels as well as provide robust organizational data on financials, workflows, quality of care, outcomes and cost-savings opportunities.

Hospital Data Integration Increases PHI (Patient Health Information) HIPAA Compliance, Accessibility & Speed

Your hospital and EMR not only generate a countless amount of data, but may have countless information systems to try to manage this data. Many of these systems are outdated or incompatible with each other. How quickly can a doctor on your staff locate a patient’s past x-ray? Their pharmacy orders? Those minutes, hours- or even days- might cost valuable time your patients cannot afford as well as result in unnecessary financial costs to your hospital or ACO. Two Point Conversions’ proprietary software extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) processes accurately, ensuring that information can be pulled from multiple systems- and in multiple formats- to be readily accessible from a centralized server.

Managed Hospital, ACO & HIE Data Means Improved Quality of Care & Security as well as Reduced Costs

With Two Point Conversions handling data integration, security, and formatting, ACOs and HIEs like yours can focus on other key organizational issues, such as patient registries, business analytics, and revenue management. When data, including EMR data, is organized, accessible, and structured, your executive and clinical teams can leverage this data for enhanced decision-making purposes. In your hospital, data organization can mean the difference between life and death for your patients.

How to Get Your Hospital, ACO or HIE on the Path to Data Management: A Simple Answer for Complex Issue

Evolving technology and HIPAA compliance regulations will increase the need for data management- and security- in years to come. How do you ensure that your organization is ready to take on these challenges? Two Point already has the solutions you need. Hospitals, ACOs, and HIEs like yours are using Two Point Conversions’ world class migration services,  as well as our scalable ACERT™ system to handle single one-off archives to large-scale archiving of disparate legacy systems for data and images not brought over to your new systems across your enterprise. We have a robust internal team to assist with integration and ensure seamless work-flow transitions. Our team are experts at understanding your healthcare software systems and their unique needs in order to create a specialized integration plan for you and your team, suiting both your clinical and business staff.

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