Healthcare Organization

Information Heartbeat

shutterstock_154662206Data is at the core of decisions made across organizations in the healthcare industry. Its mobilization is mission critical to success. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) rely on Two Point to deliver computable structured clinical data to reduce costs and to help deliver better patient care.

Data Integrity

Harvesting accurate, useful data from the countless information systems in the healthcare universe requires immense infrastructure, extensive resources, and a substantial amount of time. The complexity and individuality of any given system is another barrier to success. Two Point has the systems and the experience to map, access and then, to standardize that data into valuable, computable information.

Big Data Does Not Mean Big Headaches

The demand for clinical structured data is only going to increase and the systems that hold the data will continue to increase in number and complexity. Two Point already has the answer. ACOs and HIEs are using Two Point’s scalable ACERT™ system to handle large-scale migration and small-scale archiving of data and images from any system to any system.


Gathering measureable clinical data in one structured format, regardless of the underlying source system will deliver better patient outcomes. With Two Point handling the data, ACOs and HIEs can turn to other key patient issues such as patient registries, as well as key business drives such as analytics and revenue management. A healthy healthcare system is important to the patient and to the organization.