Data is Data is Data

shutterstock_86227513Data is all the same and yet all completely different. All of our customers need instant access to a full spectrum of data. Two Point helps even out the rugged terrain of system disparity by delivering computable structured and unstructured data that can be smoothly migrated, archived, and recovered.

In our work with healthcare organizations, physician groups, and pharmacies, Two Point has made the complex and exponentially growing world of data as simple as its name: Two Point. Data from Point A moves smoothly to Point B.

One size does not fit all

Every customer has unique needs and environments that need to be addressed. Because Two Point has been working in healthcare data conversion for more than 20 years, we have seen every possible scenario and have repeatedly delivered successful outcomes for customers. From smaller transitions to the largest migration projects, Two Point has the history and the vision to deliver on time and on budget.

Heal Thyself

Our healthcare customers have far greater matters to attend to than to be bogged down by systems and data that no longer support their needs. Two Point addresses data management issues by gathering data from multiple systems, including legacy systems into one archiving and reporting source that can be deployed on more modern platforms. Healthcare is a matter of life and death. So we know that our work is critical to the success of your work, and we take that to heart.