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AllScripts Conversion & Archiving Solutions

Allscripts Conversion & Archiving For Healthcare Organizations

Allscripts Archiving and Migration Overview

When making the decision to upgrade your healthcare system, who will be assisting with your migration and archiving needs is just as important as to what system you will be converting your Allscripts data. Two Point has decades of experience working with healthcare organizations and health systems to migrate and archive their health data. Our team will work with you from start to finish of your project to ensure a smooth transition from your current Allscripts system. 

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Our sales team will work with you to determine your organization’s archiving needs to decommission your Allscripts legacy system.

Allscripts Data Management

Allscripts Data Management Services

Whether you are migrating your Allscripts data to a new system or archiving the data stored in your Allscripts solution – Two Point has services to cater to your organization’s needs. 

Allscripts Data Extraction & Conversion

Two Point will work with your internal IT team, departmental team, as well as your chosen vendor to securely migrate your data to your new system. With our extensive experience with Allscripts data solutions – we understand the data formats in which Allscripts stores your data. However, each organization may use their solution differently, therefore, we employ a multi-faceted step-by-step process to each Allscripts migration. 

Allscripts Data Archival & Storage

Two Point offers data archiving solutions for your Allscripts data whether you are migrating to a new system or decommissioning your legacy systems. Archiving your old Allscripts servers can assist in eliminating future security risks while reducing your ongoing maintenance and upgrading expenses. Our archiving solution allows you to consolidate your disparate Allscripts data to a single user-friendly application while maximizing storage capacity on your new system. 

Allscripts Data Archiving Information

Allscripts Additional Archiving Information

Allscripts data is stored in the database. Some key information that may be stored in your Allscripts database includes locked encounters, decrypted progress notes, patient information, provider information, documents, and images. 

Throughout the years Two Point has worked with Allscripts customers to archive their data, we have compiled a list of information frequently stored in the archive. 

  • Discrete Data
    • Providers
    • Facilities
    • Patients
    • Documents (PM and EMR)
    • Encounters
    • Medical procedures
    • Patient insurance information (PM)
  • PDF requested reports
    • EMR Reports
      • Per-patient summary of all encounters based on facesheet information
    • Financial Reports
      • Including all locations for PM specific extracts
    • Visit PDF Reports
      • Per-encounter summary based on screenshot examples provided by your organization
    • Lab and Procedure reports
    • Message Reports
      • Nurse notes
      • Patient messages/correspondence
    • Other Reports
      • Visits

Allscripts Archiving and Conversion

Why Choose Two Point for Your Allscripts Data Conversion and Archival Needs?

Two Point has been archiving and migrating Allscripts data for decades. Over the last 30+ years, we have gained in-depth knowledge of Allscripts systems and have a thorough understanding of their systems to perform successful data conversion and archiving solutions for Allscripts customers. 

We have a deep understanding of what is required to successfully convert Allscripts data to a new system while anticipating potential setbacks based on system experience to avoid potential delays based on past obstacles. The team at Two Point takes their experience and customer satisfaction to the next level to deliver quality service to each conversion and archive project by delivering your Allscripts data with security, accuracy and timeliness. 

Our Allscripts Data Conversion & Archivals Are:

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